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Dog Walking

Is Fido fidgety? Long working hours and lengthy commutes can mean a long day for your dog as well. Let us give your best friend some midday exercise and attention. Daily walks help to ensure a high quality of life for your dog and gives your pet a much needed bathroom break. We offer midday dog walking Monday through Sunday. From puppy care to dog park excursions, our dog walkers cover it all! We understand that many professionals have varying schedules. We are here to walk your pup any time. We offer morning as well as evening walks for your pup.

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All dogs need exercise, socialization, and potty breaks. However, no two dogs are alike. Their energy levels and needs differ depending on breed, age, general health, and yes – their personalities.   These differences are why Metropawlitan offers a variety of options for your pet.  We can help you determine which is best for your pup.

Midday Walking:
We offer midday dog walking Monday through Sunday. Whether you need a walk during the week or weekend due to work or fun, we have you covered.  Our walkers will either walk your dog(s) in a small pack or privately and on leash. We offer 20 min, 30 min, 45 min and 1 hr long visits. Our popular walks are 20-30 min. The 20 min visit allows your pup to stretch their paws and have a potty break in the middle of the day. The other walk options allows for more exercise for the high energy dog. We are happy to help you figure out which option best suits your situation.

Dog Park:
For pups with a bit more energy, we offer the dog park adventure option. We can take your pup to a local gated dog park. The pup will have the opportunity to run around and burn energy. Our dog park adventures includes exercise, fetching, potty breaks, socialization, human and canine play time. The benefit to having your pups get a dog park adventure is socialization. Your pups will enjoy meeting new pups and humans and learn to feel comfortable around them. The other benefit is that you get to come home to a tired pup. We will have your pup out for at least an hour.

Senior Dog Care:
We understand that when a pup gets older, their care is much different. Whether your older pup needs help with the steps, or takes his time to potty but doesn’t enjoy walks, we can customize our visit to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Backyard Let Out:
We understand sometimes your pup doesn’t need a walk. A backyard let out may be a great option. We can come by your home to let your pup out and offer play time in the yard.

Post Surgery Care:
We offer after surgery care. If your pup needs extra attention while recovering from surgery, we are happy to help. We can help with walks, administer meds, cleaning and bandaging any area, and providing comfort to your pup.

Day Stay Companionship:
Do you have a pup who has a hard time adjusting to being alone? Do you need someone to spend extra time with your pup? We offer companionship during the day. Our extended stay visits are 2,4,6 hours. Please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. Please link the contact page to the above contact.

Special Occasions:
Are you getting married and need to get your pup to the wedding, or to a photoshoot?  We can assign a trusted dog handler to care for your pet. We can manage transportation and handling while at the event with your pup.

We ask all clients to make sure that their dogs are current on their shots, have an I.D. tag, obey basic commands.

You Will Get2019-12-17T08:47:54+00:00
  • GPS tracking of your pet’s walk in real time

  • A report after the walk detailing where you pup went, what he saw and did. Your walker even includes photos in your daily report.

  • Peace of mind

  • Happy and content dog

Reguarly scheduled Walks ( 3 days or more)

20 minute duration $16
30 minute duration $18
45 minute duration $25
60 minute duration $30

Extra pet fee: $5 for both services
Dog Park Excursion(1 hour min): $31 for regular schedule; $35 as needed
Backyard let out: starting at $15( up to 2 pets)

Early Morning and Late Evening visits that include walk and feeding are subject to pet sitting rates
Weekend walks follow the pet sitting rates

There is a surcharge of $10 for Major Federal Holiday visits: New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas

As needed walks

20 minute duration $17
30 minute duration $21
45 minute duration $27
60 minute duration $35

Puppy Care

Too young for pack walks or dog runs, our caring walkers will give your new family member the extra special, individualized care needed at this critical stage of development and socialization. In addition to covering the basics of feeding and walking, we will adhere to particular protocols to reinforce training.

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Introducing a new puppy into your home is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It’s so great to see them explore their new surroundings and form a bond with their new parents. Puppies need so much care and attention in the first few weeks, but you still have to work, right? That’s where Metropawlitan comes in. Our puppy sitters can help get you through the period where your puppy is too young for outside walks but needs someone to stop by to feed them, clean up any accidents and work off some energy. Most of all, your puppy just needs big friendly hugs to reassure them that they haven’t been forgotten about. This is what we do!

On each visit, your puppy will be fed, given water, medication and cleaned if needed. Sometimes puppies have accidents either inside or outside of the crate and cleaning it up is all part of the service! The remaining time on the visit will be spent playing with your puppy and giving them all the affection they want. Whether it’s a game of tug with their favorite toy, chasing a squeaky ball around the room or just a good belly rub, we will be their for you pup.

A puppy’s learning pattern (and training) depends on consistency, an established routine, and ample mental and physical activity. Once your puppy is acclimated and ready to go for regular walks, we will help with basic command training. We will gear our visits more towards leash training and walks

We offer puppy care packages and are happy to help you determine which is right for your furbaby.
2 walks/daily $30 (20 min visits)
2 walks/daily $34 (30 min visits)

1 visit daily 30 min $18
1 visit daily 20 min $ 16

As needed Visits:
20 min $17
30 min $21

Your Puppy Will Get2019-08-28T19:40:39+00:00
  • Basic puppy training (the potty is outside; leash training and practice; no jumping, etc.)
  • Tons of exercise
  • Potty breaks
  • Lots of playtime
  • Fresh water and food or snacks as per your instructions
  • UNLIMITED cuddles, love, and belly rubs
You Will Get2019-12-17T08:48:23+00:00
  • Detailed reports from each puppy visit
  • Photos
  • A happy puppy
  • Peace of mind
  • Happy and content dog

2 x 20 minutes visits daily

Per day $30

1 x 30 minute visit daily

Per day $20

Pet Sitting

All of our care is done in the comfort of your own home – to keep your pet in a familiar environment. Pet sitting offers an attractive alternative to boarding your pet at a kennel or cattery. Our pet sitters will provide personalized and loving care tailored to your pet’s needs. We are a 24-hour service and will make visits at any time of the day, as needed.

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We understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry baby behind when you travel for vacation or business. By offering peace of mind, our professional and reliable pet sitting service takes the worry out of traveling from home. Pet sitting offers an attractive alternative to boarding your pet at a kennel or cattery. Our pet sitters will provide personalized and loving care tailored to your pet’s needs. We are a 24-hour service and will make visits at any time of the day, as needed. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, hamsters, and other small animals are all part of our Metropawlitan family.

Dog Sitting
Are you going on vacation and need someone to care for your dog or puppy? We offer 2-4 visits daily. We offer 20 min to hour long visits/walks. The visits are tailored to keeping your pup to their regular routine and minimizing the stress of you being away. Your pup(s) will be walked, fed, given fresh water and lots of TLC.

Cat Sitting
Cats prefer to stay home and not deal with the stress of being boarded or having to travel. Let one of our cat whisperers care for your kitty. Our goal is that you come back to a happy and healthy cat.

With a former vet tech on staff, rest assured we can safely administer insulin, subcutaneous fluids and any other medication to your kitty. We have no problems with giving difficult kitties meds as well.

Small Animal Care
We love rabbits, birds, hamsters, iguanas and all the pocket animals. We will make sure they are fed and their crated area/litterbox or cage is cleaned out and fresh bedding is added.

Day Stay (Companion Care)
Does your pet need extra attention and a drop in visit isn’t enough? They may have just had surgery and need extra help or have separation anxiety. One of our trusted sitters can stay with your pet for an extended time. We offer 2, 4 and 6 hour visits to ensure your is happy and comfortable. Please contact us to discuss your situation and pricing. ( For contact, please have it ling to the contact page).

Litterbox and Cage Clean Out Only
We are here to help. We will come by during the day and clean the litterbox or cage. We will scoop out the waste, add fresh litter and clean up surrounding area. We can also do a full scrub of the litterbox. For cages, we will clean out area, add fresh bedding and clean surrounding area.

This service is perfect for:
• Women who are pregnant and concerned with contracting taxoplasomis
• People work a lot of hours or have a busy schedule and unable to tend the litter box or pet cage regularly
• Families with pets who are ill so the litterbox needs extensive cleaning more often.
• Families who go out of town but has someone staying at the home who is uncomfortable cleaning a litter box.
• Someone who has an injury that prevents them from being able to clean the box properly
• Or Just unable to clean the litter box

What We Do2019-08-28T19:51:10+00:00
  • Feed your pets per your instructions and provide fresh water with every visit

  • Take dogs for a walk to get exercise, fresh air and a chance to go to the bathroom. (If your cats enjoy walking, we will walk them on a leash, too!)
  • Brush your cat
  • Administer pet medication, even insulin and subcutaneous fluids for an additional fee
  • Clean litter boxes and patrol for accidents
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and look out for deliveries

  • Check that your home is secure and safe from obvious hazards
  • Dispose of pet waste per your instructions
  • Alter lights and draperies
  • Turn on radio or television
  • Clean out small animal areas( i.e.rabbits, hamsters, lizards)
  • Clean out bird cages


Per visit

20 minute duration $18
30 minute duration $22
45 minute duration $27
60 minute duration $35

There is an additional $5 pet fee.

Overnight Care

We offer overnights for dogs and cats. Although most of our pets feel comforted knowing they are checked on regularly throughout the period you are out-of-town, half-hour pet sitting visits, even multiple times per day, might not be adequate for your pet care needs. Some pets might not be accustomed to being left alone overnight while other pets become destructive or howl/meow if they are alone during the night time hours. Puppies require extra attention and opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the night as they become potty trained.

With the overnight service, they will get their daily walks and feedings, then we sleep over with them at night to keep them company! And like regular pet sitting visits, we can also attend to some of your other daily requirements like your mailbox and your plants.

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Metropawlitan Petsitters offer comprehensive and compassionate vacation care for animals of all shapes, sizes and species. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, hamsters, and other small animals are all part of our Metropawlitan family.

If you have a  family with a dog we can offer three visits a day (breakfast 7-9 AM, afternoon 12-3PM and late night 8-10 PM).

If your dog needs to go out more often (senior and young dogs) we recommend four visits a day (breakfast 7-9 AM, late night 8-10 PM and two other day time visits up to your preference).

For cats and small animals, we can visit daily or every other day at an anytime during the day.Our normal window is 7am-7pm.  If you need a more specific time block for visits due to health reasons or eating habits, please ask.

Your Pet Will Get2019-08-28T19:57:06+00:00
  • The comfort and security of being in their own surroundings
  • Tons of exercise

  • Potty breaks

  • Lots of playtime

  • Fresh water. Meals and snacks – especially bedtime cookies.

  • UNLIMITED cuddles, love, belly rubs and TLC

You Will Get2019-12-17T08:48:56+00:00
  • A pet experienced professional with your furbaby for the full night

  • Regular communications and updates from your pet sitter

  • Photos of your pets at home and saying good night and sweet dreams mom and dad.

  • If you select the option of overnight + a break, you will receive a report after the walk detailing where you pup went, what he saw and did. Your walker even includes photos in your daily report.

  • The extra security of having your home occupied while you are away

  • All the services we offer for pet sitting are included if a Metropawlitan Petsitter stays at your home

  • Peace of mind

  • Happy and content dog


Overnight for up to 2 pups

Midday play and potty break $105 per 12 hours
Without midday play and potty break $90 per 12 hours

If you have 3 or more pets, there is a $10 additional fee per dog.

House Sitting

Would you like your home to be cared for while you are away? We provide daily security checks and maintenance to your home while you are traveling.

We can collect mail and packages, water indoor/outdoor plants and maintain a lived in look while you are away.

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Not all Metropawlitan fans have furry pets. Really. Having a caring and reliable person check on your home while you are away keeps plants happy and thriving plus serves as an additional safety measure. Metropawlitan Petsitters and staff are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

Do you have a plumber, painter, or technician coming and suddenly you’ve been called out of town for business? Avoid the hassle of rescheduling them when a Metropawlitan home sitter can let workers in, handle all the details, make sure the job is done properly and then lock up when the job is completed.

We can’t be you – but we can make your life a lot easier.

What We Do2019-08-28T20:05:40+00:00
  • Open and close drapes

  • Program lights and the TV to turn on and off at differing times

  • Check that heat, A/C, and water is set appropriately and functioning as intended

  • Bring in the mail and newspapers

  • Take the garbage to the curb on the appointed day

  • Water and chat with your indoor and outdoor plants*

  • Turn lawn sprinklers on and off for the amount of time you prefer

  • Offer security and peace of mind that an alarm system just can’t equal


Per Home Check Visit

20 minutes $15
30 minutes $20
45 minutes $25
60 minutes $32

One time need

Plumber/painter, technician, etc. $20

*For other than a normal amount of house and outdoor plants needing specialized care, please contact us with specifics; we will send you a personalized quote.

Pet Taxi

Work has you skipping on Fido’s appointments? Don’t worry, we can help. We provide your pet and you with safe and dependable transportation to and from anywhere in the DC metro area. We transport for emergency and non-emergency situations. We can take your pet to the vet, grooming and trainer appointments, boarding facilities, doggy daycare, airport (BWI, Dulles and Reagan International) and other pet related locations. Our goal is to ensure that your pet has a stress free move and given the luxe treatment!

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We know normal taxi services are do not transport animals due to health rules, dander, and other issues. But we’re pet people and love doing it- even when it’s snowing.

Wherever in the metro area your vet, groomer, trainer, family, doggy day-care facility, or doggie play-date is located, we get your pet(s) there in comfort and hassle free.

Need to get your pet to BWI, Dulles or Reagan International for travel or a move? Metropawlitan specializes in transporting and relocating pets safely and stress-free. We can arrange for your pet(s) to travel safely and in comfort. We work closely with you on everything from logistics to needed vaccines if you’re going abroad. Let us know your pet relocation needs and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Airport transportation from your home, office, or hotel
Metropawlitan’s driver will pick your traveling pet up at the front door, load your luggage and dog or cat kennel into our van and drive you and your pets to the airport in plenty of time catch the flight.

If you need a ride home from your return flight, let us know in advance. We will need airline, date, and time of your estimated arrival and a quick confirmation call prior to your boarding for your return flight.

Pet relocation2019-12-17T09:20:11+00:00

Whether you are moving to or from the DC metropolitan area. We can help you with the process. Relocating pets is an important service. With pet parents around the world needing to move for home relocation, new job, job relocation, rescue and shelter pick ups and adoptions. There are many reasons why you may need us. Our goal is to minimize the stress that occurs when moving in or out of an area.

Here are a few things we do:
• Make sure that all necessary shots are current and that all paperwork is in place.
• Make sure all international requirements are met including import permits.
• Pick up your pet at your house and deliver him to the airport.
• Meet him at the destination airport and deliver him to your home.
• Provide assembled travel kennels.
• Provide ground transportation for state to state relocation.

Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Per trip
Round trip transportation service to your pet’s appointment $30
One hour /one way transportation to or from the airport $35
One time need
Plumber/painter, technician, etc. $20

Please note any additional time (wait time) is charged at $15 for up to 20 minutes and $20 for up to 40 minutes. From that point on, we log an hourly price of $30 for the next 60 minutes.

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