All dogs need exercise, socialization, and potty breaks. However, no two dogs are alike. Their energy levels and needs differ depending on breed, age, general health, and yes — their personalities. These differences are why Metropawlitan offers a variety of options for your pet. We can help you determine which is best for your pup.

  • Midday Walking

  • Dog Park Excursion

  • Senior Dog Care

  • Backyard Let Out

  • Post Surgery

  • Day Stay Companionship

  • Special Occasion (weddings and photo shoots)

*visits start at $15

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Too young for pack walks or dog runs, our caring walkers will give your new family member the extra special, individualized care needed at this critical stage of development and socialization. In addition to covering the basics of feeding and walking, we will adhere to particular protocols to reinforce training.

  • Basic puppy training (the potty is outside; leash training and practice; no jumping, etc.)

  • Tons of Exercise

  • Potty Breaks

  • Lots of playtime and UNLIMITED cuddles, hugs and belly rubs

  • Fresh water and food or snacks as per your instruction

  • Photos and detailed reports from each puppy visit

  • Offering 1 or 2 daily visit packages

*visits start at $15

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Pet Sitting

All of our care is done in the comfort of your own home — to keep your pet in a familiar environment. Pet sitting offers an attractive alternative to boarding your pet at a kennel or cattery. Our pet sitters will provide personalized and loving care tailored to your pets needs. We are a 24-hour service and will make visits at any time of the day, as needed.

  • Dog Sitting – take dogs on walks to get exercise, dispose of pet waste, feed your pets per your instruction and provide fresh water with every visit

  • Cat Sitting – feed, give water, brush and if your cat enjoys walking, we will walk them on a leash, clean litter boxes and control accidents, dispose of pet waste

  • Small Animal Care – clean out small animal areas (i.e. rabbits, hamsters, lizards, birds)

  • Day Stay (Companion Care)

  • Litterbox and Cage Clean Out ONLY

  • Administer pet medication, even insulin, and subcutaneous fluids for an additional fee

  • Bring in mail, newspapers, and look out for deliveries, check that your home is secure and safe from obvious hazards

*visits start at $18

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Home Care

Would you like for your home to be cared for while you are away? We provide daily security checks and maintenance to your home while you are traveling. We can collect mail and packages, water indoor/outdoor plants and maintain a lived in look while you are away.

  • Open and close drapes

  • Check the heat, A/C, and water is set appropriately and functioning as intended

  • Bring in mail and newspapers

  • Take the garbage to the curb on the appointed day

  • Plant Care – water and chat with your indoor and outdoor plants

  • Turn lawn sprinklers on and off for the amount of time you prefer

  • Offer security and peace of mind that an alarm system just can’t equal

*service starts at $18

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Pet Taxi

Work has you skipping on fido’s appointment? Don’t worry, we can help! We provide your and you with safe and dependable transportation to and from anywhere in the DC metro area. We transport for emergency and non-emergency situations. We can take your pet to the vet, grooming and trainer appointments, boarding facilities, doggy daycare, airport (BWI, Dulles and Reagan International) and other pet related locations. Our goal is to ensure that your pet has a stress free move and given the luxe treatment!

  • A trusted pet professional to work closely with you on everything from relocation logistics so your furbaby is transported comfortably and hassle free, to vaccines if you are going abroad.

  • Metropawlitan’s driver will pick your pet up at the front door, load your luggage and dog or cat kennel into our van and drive you and your pets to the airport in plenty of time to catch the flight!

  • With advance notice, our petsitters can provide transport for you from your return flight (we need airline, date and estimated time of arrival and a quick confirmation call prior to your boarding of the return flight.

*service starts at $35/hr.

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Overnight Care

We offer overnights for dogs and cats. Although most of our pets feel comfortable knowing they are checked on regularly throughout the period you are out-of-town, half-hour pet sitting visits, and even multiple per day, might not be adequate for your pet care needs. Some pets might not be accustomed to being left alone overnight while other pets become destructive and howl or meow if they are alone during nighttime hours. Puppies also need extra attention and opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the night as they become potty trained.

With overnight service you get:

  • An experienced and trustworthy pet professional to take care of your furbaby overnight

  • All Petsitting and some house sitting services are included with overnight care services

  • Regular communications and updates from your petsitter including goodnight photos

  • Peace of Mind and a safe, happy and content pet while you are away

  • Fresh water, meals and snacks + UNLIMITED cuddles, love and belly rubs, lost of exercise, potty breaks and playtime!

Service (for up to 2 pets) Rate
Overnight + Midday play and potty break

Overnight without Midday play and potty break

$105/12 hours

$90/12 hours

*If you have 3 or more pets, there is a $10 fee per additional pet.

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