Service Packages


Our Care

Let us give your furry family member some midday exercise and attention. Daily walks help to ensure a high quality of life for your dog and gives your pet a much needed bathroom break.

Feline Friendly

We care for cats as well.  Have your feline nurtured with special care.


Dog Walking

We offer mid-day dog walking Monday through Friday. From puppy care to dog park excursions, our dog walkers cover it all! We do the best we can to visit during the requested time frame but most midday walks are scheduled based on you and your pet’s needs. All midday walks fall between 10am-4pm. Outside of our midday walks, we have morning and evening walks also available.

Regular walks(3-5week) Between 10-4pm

$15 – 15 minutes

$18 – 30 minutes

$25 – 45 minutes

$30 – 60 minutes

Sporadic Walks

Visits between 7-9, after 4 pm or the weekends
Walks with less than 24hours notice- $5charge
Extra pet rate $5
Backyard potty break-$14

$16 – 15 minutes

$21 – 30 minutes

$27 – 45 minutes

$33 – 60 minutes


Puppy Care

We offer 15 and 30-minute visits focusing on basic training, like no jumping, leash training, and potty training.Get the daily exercise they need to stay fit and burn off excess energy.

$28 – 2 x 15 min visits

$18 – 1 x 30 min visit

Pet Sitting

We offer comprehensive and compassionate vacation care for animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds and other small animals are all part of the Metropawlitan family.

Extra pet $5

$18 – 20 minutes

$22 – 30 minutes

$27 – 45 minutes

$30 – 60 minutes

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