Pet Meds

If you have a special needs pet we may be able to help out! Most of our sitters are experienced with giving oral meds or ointments and as long as it does not take much time out of the visits there would be no extra charge for this service. Depending on your location, we may also have a sitter who is trained to give insulin injections and subcutaneous fluid treatments.

We understand how difficult it is to travel and have to leave your pet home alone. How much more difficult is it to leave your pet when he or she requires medication or is ill? Many pet owners might delay or completely forego travel plans for fear that their pet will not receive the medication he or she needs to maintain wellness or become well.

As pet owners ourselves, uniquely specializing in complicated home pet med administration, we have staff experienced in medicating pets. Whereas other pet care providers are not only unskilled but are downright squeamish about injecting a diabetic cat, we are not because we understand that with patience and love, pets can get the medication they need in order to thrive and live well. Don't compromise the health and overall well-being of your pet by ensuring that your pet care provider has the necessary qualifications to medicate your pet. This kind of matter can't be left up to chance.